103° Gruppo “Indiani” turns 80!
Febbraio 21, 2023

On 15 February 2023, the Aeronautica Militare (ItAF, Italian Air Force) celebrated the 80th anniversary of the 103° Gruppo (Squadron) Caccia Bombardieri Ricognitori “Davide Velut” with the special colored AMX ACOL MM7163/51-72 (c/n IX075).

Despite the Gruppo (Squadron) being dismissed (posizione “quadro”) on 22 September 2016, a meeting of former members has been held at Istrana air base near the provincial capital Treviso (TV) in northern Italy. Istrana is home to the last AMX ground-attack and reconnaissance aircraft operated by the ItAF.

This special colour scheme, which was designed by the team of former ItAF member Silvano Mainini and executed by the 3° Reparto Manutenzione Aeromobili ed Armamento at Treviso (TV) reflects the nickname “Indiani” (Indians) of the Gruppo (Squadron). In the 1960s, 103° Gruppo operates not only from the usual airport infrastructure, but mostly from remote places such as makeshift airfields. Flying the FIAT G-91 light tactical fighter from grass strips earned the Gruppo (squadron) members their nickname and therefore, the reference to the American Indians on the isolated North American plains is obvious.

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